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Trauma Informed Yoga Classes

Mrs. J’s Story

“Where do I begin… When I first came to this country, I did not know anyone. I did not have family here [in New York] to go visit. Then I became pregnant…At El Nido, I was able to meet people. It has helped me achieve my goals. One of my goals was to learn English. It was a huge barrier for me! El Nido provided childcare onsite while I attended English classes. I was able to concentrate and learn. Thanks to you all! Then I was able to attend New Women New York classes [at El Nido]. It has opened a path for me by empowering me and taught me how to set professional goals and how to achieve them. Through New Women New York, I found out about Hot Bread Kitchen. I was able to learn the basic skill about working in a industrial kitchen and how to navigate the service sector. I have enjoyed being part of the Hot Bread Kitchen trainings. I was able to achieve one of my goals! My dream is to someday have my own business.

I enjoy spending time with the other mothers from El Nido. The staff have given me the support I need. During a difficult time, Monika helped me through it. I am grateful to Monika. I do not have the words to express everything that you have done for me.

In all honesty without El Nido, people would not have a place to set goals, to be able to make their dreams come true, to learn English. [Knowing] English is one of the biggest tools in this country. I have been able to learn it because of your program. I’ve learned how to go to an interview and how to look for jobs. All the programs in which I participated have been beneficial. They have inspired me. They have given me the drive to aspire and have filled me with joy and purpose.

I do not know how to express my gratitude. You always extend a helping hand when I needed it the most. You were always there to give me the support I needed. You do the impossible! Thank you!”